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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

How to apply for Home Loan ? how to get home loan ? how to get a home loan? how to get home loan from sbi, how to get home loan subsidy

It is not an easy task for a person to make his house in today's time, so people apply for a home loan from the bank, most people do not get home loans in the absence of information, some rules have been made by the bank to take home loans. , Whose information is compulsory for the person receiving the loan from the bank, the bank often checks the means of your income before lending, that the amount provided by him  will get back to her.

How to apply for Home Loan ? how to get home loan ? how to get a home loan? how to get home loan from sbi, how to get home loan subsidy
How to apply for Home Loan ? how to get home loan ? how to get a home loan? how to get home loan from sbi, how to get home loan subsidy
If you want to get a home loan, but you are not getting a home loan, if you are facing such a problem, then this information is very important for you, because in relation to getting a home loan here, home How to take a loan - interest rate, giving the information related to the necessary documents in detail.

Home loan eligibility

1. A person can easily be given 60 times the loan amount per month.

2. If a person has already taken a loan and his installment is yet to come, then the bank takes special care of it, as well as the remaining savings after the total deduction is also under consideration.

3. If a person's credit score is poor, he has made a mistake in paying the bank, then the bank can refuse to give him a loan.

4. Individuals can increase the eligibility of the loan by selecting the loan option for a longer duration.

5. Eligibility for taking a loan for the person who has a payee and personal business is different.

How much Home loan can you get?

In general, the bank considers 40% of the total monthly income as a personal expense, thus providing loans on the basis of the balance amount as if the income of a person is Rs 60,000 per month, the bank believes that in life 25,000 rupees are spent if the person has to spend Rs. 20,000 for repaying another loan, then the bank accepts only the remaining balance Rs. 15,000 as the eligibility amount.

Home loan eligibility = Monthly savings / equal monthly installment (EMI) per lakh x one lakh

If you take a one lakh loan, whose time is 20 years, you have to pay 10% interest, then your EMI is about 965 rupees, if you look at the formula, then the eligibility is 15,000 / 965 x 1 lakh = rupees 15.54 lakhs.

Required Documents for Home Loans

1. Passport size photo.

2. Applicant's signature on application letter.

3. Salary slip of last three months, many banks demand a 6-month salary slip.

4.form 16 or income tax return.

5. Bank statement of a bank and housing finance institutions 6 months or more.

6. Identity card.

7.AU certificates.

8. Immigration certificate.

9.Support Card |

10.Pan Card

11.Generator |

Home Loan Interest | What is the interest?

Interest is the amount, which is to be paid in addition to the loan amount given by the bank, ie, with the return of the original amount provided by the bank, with some amount we have to pay more, it is called interest.

Bank interest rate
The interest rate of all banks is different, so you can select the bank as you wish.

Types of interest rate-

The rate of interest is of two types.

1.Fixed Rate Home Loan 

2. Floating Rate Home Loans 

Fixed rate home loan

If you choose a fixed rate home loan, your EMI never changes during the entire loan period. Taking a fixed rate home loan is beneficial when future rates are likely to increase.

Floating rate home loan

If you choose a floating rate home loan, your EMI will vary throughout the loan period. It is beneficial to take a floating rate home loan when future rates are likely to decrease.

Home Loan Process

1. First of all, get all the information about taking a home loan from the bank official, then by putting all the documents along with the application, deposit it.

2.You can also apply online for this, for which the loan you want to take from the official website will go to the website, you will get the application form which will be filled carefully.

3. In this application, your name, email id, mobile number, date of birth, state and city will be asked for full information.

4. Apart from this, the purpose of taking a loan from you, employment information, monthly income, the right time to call you, when you need to take a loan and how long you want to repay the loan. At the time of taking a home loan, the bank takes some money from you as a processing fee, after passing the home loan, the amount is allotted in your bank account.


Here, we have provided information regarding the home loan, if there is any kind of question-related to your information or any other information related to it, then you can tailor it through the comments box. , We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.


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