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Saturday, 9 March 2019

Blogger vs Wordpress | Which is best | bloggger | wordpress com | www blogger com

Hello friends , again we are here with a new and a very fresh article on the topic Blogger vs Wordpress . I hope that , this article will help you . Let's continue, without wasting much time.
Now-a-days , blogging is just in a trend . The whole networking community is rushing toward blogging . Maiinly , students of secondary level are focusing more on this burning trend by influencing from its advantages .

What is the Blogging ?
Blogging is the practice of writing some piece of text like post, article , essay , or any type of information , and making it live on Internet by publishing it on websites for public use . Blogging is mainly done for commercial purpose . Now-a-days , main intention for blogging is just to generate money. Some person practice blogging to improve his/her writing skill or to share some piece of information in large scale as a means of digital communication .

Blogger vs Wordpress | Which is best | bloggger | wordpress com | www blogger com
Blogger vs Wordpress | Which is best | bloggger | wordpress com | www blogger com

Earn money with blogging

It's very simple to understand that how does blogging works in generating money. We gather some piece of information and we just arrange it by writing it beautifully . Afterwards we publish it on our website by enabling its monetization . When a person comes on our website to read our post , than monetizing company shows some ads of different company by the motive of promoting these companies on our websites . And thus we get money for promoting those company by showing their ads on our posts/websites . And thus this cycle goes on .

Now their is a big question that ,how can we start Blogging ? If you know nothing about Blogging , there is no problem , because the internet is the great source of knowlegde and oppoutunity . It's never late to start anything . First of all , we have to build a website to publish our posts . Here we get many platform to build our website , but presently two platforms are in a very strong competition , they are BLOGGER and WORDPRESS . Both have their own merits and demerits .


For a beginner Blogger is the best platform to build a website . It is because , Blogger is a very simple platform and it is very easy to use. As you can create a site and can publish it immediately . Blogger gives you many shortcut option to create your website easily by selecting your favourite themes from lots of given themes. It is very easy to understand and use blogger platform . Here , you can can publish your posts with no difficulty. It gives a very simple format to create site , add pages , publish posts, watch your daily timeline and and allows you to respond to your comments on the post. We can say that Blogger allows you to do all the posts related works very easily.
While Wordpress is a very complex platform to for building any websites. Though it is free to use as the Blogger is but it is not suitable for a beginner. As Wordpress is a highly Content Management System (CMS) . It gives you the oppoutunity to build almost any type of website . Here you have to buy a hosting plan and as well as a domain name for your site.

Merits of blogger :

1. It is a very simple platform , easy to understand , easy to operate .

2. It takes only few minutes to create and post it immediately.

3. It gives you many themes in many designs to decorate your site in a very simple way.

4. The best merit of blogger is that , it gives you free hosting that means it is almost free to use .

5. There are many features for personlising your blog.

Demerits of blogger :

1. However it gives you very limited functionality to work.

2. You donot have fully command on your blog.

3. It is not for a very highly skilled people , iit acn be said that it is mainly for new comers.
However Blogger satisfy you very much with its efficiency , affordability , accesibility and quick runtime. You should startup blogging with blogger with no risk.

Merits of Wordpress :

1. Wordpress has thousands of designs or wordpress themes options.

2. WordPress ia also beginner-friendly . As it is easy to understand and use.

3. WordPress is the best platform for the complex bloggers , as it gives you the platform to use your own code to create or design your blog .

4. It gives you option to fully control and have a command of your blog.

Demerits of WordPress :

1. WordPress says you to invest some money for hosting plans , this is the main thing which push the bloggers back to Blogger, as it is free to use.

2. As it is somehow advanced site so , begginers rush to the platform having simple interface.

3. In Wordpress you have to manage many setting for regular use and to increse seo of the post.


At last I want to say that which platform should you use for regular blogging. I want to prefer blogger platform to a new blogger's or a person who don't know more about computer or website setting. And the WordPress to a advance blogger who knows much about Website setting.

I hope you got your answer of your question. And you learned any thing form this article. So please share this post with all your friends and also read our another article. Thanks for visiting our website.