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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Best way to earn money online | Earn Money online | earn money online in india for students

Hello friends, we are again here with a very new, fresh and a very helpful article on the topic 'How To Earn Money Online' . I hope that somehow it will help you. Without wasting much time let's come on the topic ' How To Earn Money Online .'

Now-a-days , Educated Unemployment is a very big concern . Because now it is difficult to find a job even for a very educated and talented people because of high and strong competition in our community. So the one and only one best option is to move toward Online Earning . This is because ,there are many highly reputed platforms for online earning with no or a very little investments. Here , you can find many small-big jobs , which fits you very comfortably . You can work as regular worker on some sites as well as a part time worker on some sites as per your choice. So, let me introduce some of the best opportunity or the platforms for online earning .

Best way to earn money online | Earn Money online | earn money online in india for students
Best way to earn money online | Earn Money online | earn money online in india for students


Now-a-days , one of the best source of Online Earning is blogging. If you have no Idea about Blogging , than you can visit our blog , where you can find full description about Blogging and How to start Blogging . As in above lines I have told you that it is one of the best source of earn money online because you can earn upto $400-$500 ( Rs 25000-30000 ) per month easily with no or a very little Investments . Here you have to work hard and smartly to earn money smoothly. You have to write article and have to publish it on your blog regularly . You have to attract readers with your beautiful and interesting piece of text. Here you have fully command on your work as well as your earning . It is mainly like a business , that means your Earning depends totally on the quality of your work . It is one of the permanent source of earning, In starting you will face some difficulty but afterwards you will be relaxed . For more information on Blogging visit our blog or click here .


If you do not have much time and you want to earn money online , then Online Surveys is the one stop destination. Because here you will get some 10 - 20 minutes surveys . Here , you just have to give back your feedback and your opinion about that survey . Here you wil be paid by $1-25 depending upon the work and time length of surveys . These earning platforms do not require much knowledge , you just need basic knowledge and almost 15 minutes . So a person having little bit knowledge can also work on it and can start a good earning. You just have to know about some sites as per your availability , country, region and working interest .
So come on let us know some of the Online Surveys Sites ....

~ Global Test Market
~ Appen Global
~ ClixSense
~ Survey Savvy
~ iPoll
~ Mind Swarms
~ Opinion World
~ Paid Viewpoint
~ My say

3. Captcha Solving

If your working speed is your Identity , I mean you have a great working speed than this platform suits you well . Solving captcha is a very easy job here you just have to type the exact characters by watching the images. Here quantity is more valuable than the quality , I mean that you have to be very fast while solving the captcha to solve more and more to get a good amount of money. Here for solviing almost 1000 captchas you can get a payment upto $2 . If you are a student with a good typing speed and you wish to earn money online , than this work is best for you.
Given below are some Captcha Solving Sites :-

~ MegaTypers
~ Kolotibablo
~ CaptchaTypers
~ ProTypers
~ QlinkGroup
~ 2Captcha
~ FastTypers
~ Fix2Profits
~ VirtualBee


Hey guys, If you have a passion then you can become a very successful YouTuber . And on the platform of YouTube you have the opportunity to earn name & fame as well as a lots of money . Many people have just changed their lives with the help of YouTube and became a great youtuber . Some of you might have tried this before but you have not got such a response. It might be because of your not such attractive contents as well as your weak attention toward your YouTube channel . But now you have a great opportunity to start your new YouTube channel . YouTube has told that they understand the difficulty caused for new youtuber because of such a great competition with big youtubers so, As per new YouTube policies , YouTube is now ready to prome new YouTuber with good content . So now If you wish to start a new YouTube channel than this is the best time to do this .

If you are confused that on which topic you should start your new YouTube channel , then you can select any option given below ...
~ You can start your YouTube channel as a news channel, now-a-days a news channel have a very great scope . It will help you a lot because everyday you will get new and a very fresh topic/news to create a video.
~ If you are a good chef than you can start as a cooking channel.
~ You can also start as a vlogger , i mean you are very fond of travelling then you can shoot your travel , edit it and can upload it.
~ If you are a teacher , you can also start a teaching channel as a maths, science, english, etc teacher .
~ You can also start as a photography mentor which is now in a great demand


Many of you have might heard about Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the best platform for online earning in huge amount. If you want to earn money online in large amount without working too much , you should blindly opt for Affiliate Marketing . There is a great scope of earning with affiliate marketing because of day-by-day increase of online shopping sites . Let us understand , how the affiliate marketing works . It has a very simple process , first of all you have to join those programs and have to signup there, afterwards we just have to refer the link of some products of that online shopping sites to our friends , relatives or family members , and if they buy those products then you will get commission upto 4-15% . If you are a student and you want to earn money online without investing much of your time then the Affiliate Marketing is the best option for them . If you have a great social network connection with your friends than this can help you a lot in earning with Affiliate Marketing .
There are many sites where you can start your Earning with Affiliate Marketing . For example Amazon , Flipkart , eBay, etc.
But there are two Affiliate programs, which are in a very high competition with each other. they are
* Amazon Associate Program
* Flipkart Affiliate Program


Many of you have already heard about Domain Trading. It is also a great platform to earn money online in a huge amount . But here , it need a little bit investments . But the scope of income is quite high . So come on , let's understand how does domain trading works .
Here we just have to buy some attractive Domains , which you think that afterwards some other people will have a need of it. You just have to conserve these Domains , until someone express their interest toward it . If those persons or companies have the need of your Domain then he will try to buy it from you at your desired cost . And thus by having a big profit margin , you can earn money online by selling a single Domain . You can even put your Domains on auction for getting a huge amount of profit.
But before starting this trade you must have some knowledge about the Domain trading or about the way you will proceed . You can buy some Domains on GoDaddy at a very low cost . Here you can buy a Domain even at a very low price of $10 and you can sell these Domains at a huge price of $100 . Here , you just have to show your skill in the collection of domains by choosing those Domains which in further can give you a great income .


Now-a-days , online business is in trend and people are making a huge amount of money by involving in Online Business . Some people want to do online business but they are afraid of problems that they think ,they will face during online business .
You just have sell your products online. It is quite different from offline or local business. In local business you have a very less opportunity to sell your products in other region or other cities , while in Online Business you will get a big platform with great audience from all over the world , which results in the increment of your profit.
There are two ways for starting your Online Business, so let us understand the difference between these two ways. The first way is to create your own website and sell your products on it . And the second way is to sell your products on highly reputed websites such as Amazon , Flipkart , Snapdeal , etc.
The second way to sell your products online on those highly reputed websites will give you a great advantage . As you will get existing customer in a very big quantity . these websites will also give you a very good Delivery system . So , I will tell you to opt for the second method only.
I think you will have a big question that what can you sell . There is nothing to worry , you just have to search for those products which you can get easily and a valuable profit margin you can earn money online easily and with greater audience you have the opportunity to earn money online huge amount . You just need some time , some investment and some working skill and you will be on your own way .


Some of you must have heard about the website Image Bazaar , which is owned by Sandeep Maheshwari . It is the no. 1 photos selling website in India .
If you have a great fond of photography than you must go for selling images. Let us understand the process to earn money online by selling your photos online . If you have a passion of photography then you might have been clicking many pictures in a day , just to improve your skill and to have more interest in it , but do you know that these photos can give you a lots of money . There are many websites where you can sell your photos . You just have to signup there for free and you have to follow those steps to start . Afterwards you have to upload your photos that you want to sell , and then the person or company having interest in your pictures will contact you and thus you can sell your photos to them at your desired cost . You can even put those photos on auction as well as you can sell the same photo many times to earn money online . You might be having a question that on which theme you have to click photos , there is nothing to worry about , you can click pictures on any theme , you can click pictures of any model , nature, scenery , sports, any object , or something unusual but attractive .
But while doing this work you should always remember that you should not cheat anyone by uploading the pictures of others , if that person is having copyrights of those images than he/she may claim on you . So you have to click photos not just by downloading . And trust me , It can give you a huge Income.
Some websites where you can sell your photos online :-
• ShutterStock
• PhotoBucket
• TourPhotos
• iStockPhoto
• Alamy
• SmugMug
• Fotolia


There are many smartphone apps which gives you reward in the forms of gifts as well as money for completing some small task . If you are a student and you have some time to spend here then you should do it , because here you do not need to invest any money for doing this work . And these are very easy task to complete . You just have to download these apps in your have to download these apps in your have to download these apps in your smartphones and you have to signup there by giving some necessary details .And you have to complete some simple surveys or task given by them , you should complete maximum surveys to earn money online .
Some of you might have some confusing questions that are these application really right or they will pay or not, and many more . There are many smartphones on the internet which give you the greed as same above but afterwards they do not pay , they are some fake applications , so I am here with list of some of the best earning smartphones applications, where you can signup free and can earn money online.
• QuickCash
• Ibotta
• GigWalk
• CheckPoints
• MintCoins
• Cash Karma
• Swag Bucks
• App Karma
• App Trailers
• Slide
• PanelPlace
• ShopKick
• Google Opinion


If you are a web developer and if you create new websites regularly then by the process of Website Flipping you have an opportunity for earn money online in a very huge amount even 5-10 ten times of your last income from those websites . It is almost similar like Domain Trading , here you to work with websites not with Domains .
So, come on let's understand the process of Online Earning by the help of Website Flipping . First of all you have to create some new websites , you have to maintain it fully and afterwards you have to enable its Adsense , so that this website is able to earn money online.
Afterwards you have to put this website on auction , so that to sell it . There are many sites which gives you the platform to sell your websites . There are many developers who do not waste their time in creating a new website , they just buy new websites with enabled monetization. As per them , it is easy to rank an old website rather than ranking a new websites. Trust me , you will get a huge income as much as 5-10 times the income of your last month from a website. There are many sites where you can sell your sites like Flippa , EmpireFlippers ,etc .

Hope that this article might have help you a little bit. If you loved reading this article then press on this bell icon , as you will get the notifications of our latest upload of articles. And you must visit our Blog , here you will get many best article on different topics that may help you. If you have any questions or any doubt than you can leave a comment in our comment box , we will try to respond to you as early as possible .
Thank you very much for reading our article.

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