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Sunday, 22 March 2020

How to prevent from Corona Virus | Best preventive measures against Corona Virus

How to prevent from Corona Virus | Best preventive measures against Corona Virus

The word 'COVID-19' has become the most fearful and scary word in this most pathetic situation for the whole living community. As we all know, this destructive virus has been originated from China. Mainly, this disease was found in bats, And from the bats, these micro-organisms got transferred to the human because of the strange eating habits of Chinese people. As they took the bats soup and that soup of bats took everything of us. Sorry, I understand it's not time to joke, but these harmful habits of those people are going to hit the whole world in the worst way. This deadly virus has just spread commotion in the whole world. This epidemic has taken the lives of many ones and has created panic in the whole community.

How to prevent from Corona Virus | Best preventive measures against Corona Virus
How to prevent from Corona Virus | Best preventive measures against Corona Virus

But the current situation is not the time to create panic in ours as well as in other's minds.

Someone has told correctly that "prevention is better than cure'. And of course, this deadly virus can be defeated by following preventive measures. Let us discuss them one by one:

* Indian culture has always been a lesson for the whole world, it has always provided many small and simple action to cure big issues. And this epidemic can also be defeated by following some small measures. As you should not shake the hand or hug with anyone in this vulnerable situation. 'Namaste' is the best way to greet someone, as it does not involve any physical contact with others, which is the best example to describe the importance of Indian Culture. We should avoid any type of physical contact with any person, we should try to keep some distance even with your family members for a few days.

* We Indians should avoid those western cultures, like using tissue after having food instead of washing their hands properly. We should carefully wash our hands before as well as after taking food. Sanitizers and handwashes should always be taken in use to kill those harmful micro-organisms.

*We should avoid touching our face, as it transfers that deadly virus to your face from your hands. We should always wear a mask while going out of your home. While sneezing or coughing we should cover our face with our elbows. We should always keep sanitizers in our pocket for emergencies.

*Children, these days need special care. You should not send them out of the house for playing. They can play indoor games for a few days. Their parents should take care of it that children should not feel bore otherwise they will try to move outside for playing. They should know the preventive measures, should also be encouraged to act on that.

*We should avoid traveling these days. Even we should not come out of our house without much urgent work. These days anyone among us can have a few living cells of that virus, which is not harming us right now but can harm others if they get in contact with us. So we should not roam around in any crowded place as these germs can spread out quickly.

*As we know that old people are much vulnerable to this virus. So they need much care these days. Our immune system gets weaker with the aging process. And hence, the immunity system of old people is the weakest one, which makes them the first prey for there deadly viruses. Hence, they should not come out of their house at any cost. They should not meet any people for a few days. They need to be much stronger to fight with this disease, hence they should follow a better diet plan. If they have any type of symptoms, urgently it should be consulted by doctors.

*We should drink much water, at a regular interval of time. As coronavirus attacks on our windpipe, hence drinking water will flow those organisms to your stomach, there it gets destroyed because of many types of enzymes present in the stomach.

*We should always eat in clean utensils. Clean water should be taken.

These small changes in your lifestyle will surely help in fighting against these deadly viruses. Just follow our Indian culture, which is pure science. Some people think, our culture contains myths, but they do not understand the science behind it. They need to understand it.

So be smart, be safe.
Stay safe, keep safe.

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